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How many safety violations and “worst” practices can you spot in this tongue-in-cheek marketing video?

(This video is from one of Rice’s seven-sister companies, Rice Oil Sucks. It was scripted and shot to draw attention to a hidden environmental problem: point-source oil pollution at businesses that do not have their underground oil water separators regularly cleaned).

If you can can spot all safety violations, you’ll earn a 10% savings on your safety training course.

At Rice Safety Services, our Safety Director, Tony Dreussi, has a simple mission:

“To make a difference. I want to help change attitudes and inspire safety disciplines to insure workers return home to their families each and every night, safe and in one piece.”

Rice Safety Services does NOT offer online safety training. Our goal is to sell the experience and reinforce the wisdom that the most effective safety training is accomplished face-to-face, not online.

Rice Safety Services provides hands on, interactive training from a licensed trainer who has actual field experience - Tony has seen first hand what happens when workers, both skilled and unskilled, do not follow safety practices each and every time.


Over his 40-year industrial and general services career, Tony has worked across the midwest in oil & gas fields, steel facilities and manufacturing plants. He’s lugged miles of vac hose, fired up countless water jetters ranging from 10k to 40k PSI and operated 100’s of wet/dry turbo vacs in some of the most dangerous conditions and confined spaces, including bag houses and cooling beds.

Daniel “Tony” Dreussi
OSHA, ANSI & ISO Certified Trainer
EMS ISO 14000 Certified Trainer
Environmental Sustainability Certified Trainer

Your crew will NOT fall asleep in Tony’s classes. Tony peppers what can be some pretty dry safety materials with his real life experiences in the field. Tony will capture and hold everyone’s attention throughout each course. Courses include:

  • Confined Space

  • Hazwoper

  • Fall Protection

  • PPE

  • Lock Out/Tag Out

  • Fleet Safety

  • Oil & Gas-specific Safety Training

  • And a good bit more

Rice Safety Training programs - which we can customize and tailor to your culture, practices and specifications - can be offered at your facility or ours. Click here for a complete list of courses taught by Tony.

Caveat: If your company is content to only offer employees online safety training in order to fast-track a certificate or card to get them on the job, Rice Safety Services is NOT the right fit.

Rice Safety Services Core Values

  • To provide a broad band of quality, interactive and hands-on safety training services, experiences and after-class support.

  • To share the knowledge, experience and pain for those who are now lost.

  • To inspire and support others to make a difference within a new generation of skilled and unskilled workers operating in dynamic and dangerous workplace environments.

  • To help skilled and unskilled workers become more aware of new manufacturing technologies and the threats and hazards these innovations bring with them.

  • To be part of the solution and to train others to become more involved in the process and safety solutions.

“Today, the needs of the ONE out weigh the needs of the many”- Daniel “Tony” Dreussi, Safety Director, Rice Safety Services

Value Adds

  • Consulting: Safety committees supervisor training, real world real time.

  • Support: Availability after training. Flexibility to mould training to customers direct needs. Assist in identifying additional needs, programs or training.

  • Risk Assessment/Job Audits: Assist in program development, safety awareness. Safety committee participation to drive cost reductions for accidents or recordable incidents.

  • Job Hazard Recognition (JHA/JSA): Implication and training awareness to support programs to reduce risks and apply real time prevention options in place.

“My goal is to bring an unrivaled passion - learned the hard way - to the importance and reality of safety training for the people I work with in each and every class” Daniel “Tony” Dreussi, Safety Director, Rice Safety Services

Rice Oil and Rice Environmental are two sister companies. From oils & lubricants to waste disposal, recycling and transportation, we’ve got you covered from Cradle-to-Grave. One-Throat-to-Choke!

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