Rice Industrial Cleaning Services

Rice Industrial Services offers dry and wet vacuum cleaning services to manage the safe removal, transport and disposal of non-hazardous wastes within a variety of commercial, industrial and manufacturing operations.

Rice’s industrial vacuuming technology removes liquids, sludge and dense materials from pits, tanks, catch basins, pans, trenches, sumps, filter boxes, basements and rail and truck scales. Industrial and general industry cleaning services performed by confined space certified technicians include:

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming frac tanks, pits and catch basins

  • Pressure washing equipment for repair work and inspections. Examples include school buses, transit authority buses and city utility vehicles for annual inspection work (e.g., brakes and undercarriages)

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming hydraulic room tanks, trenches and pans

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming water treatment tanks, catch basins, trenches and filter boxes

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming non-emergency spills due to leakage or flooding

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming presses, pits, sumps, conveyor lines, lathes and cutoff machines

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming lube & oil rooms and basements of quicklubes

  • Pressure washing and vacuuming axle, high impact, rail & truck scales

  • Lancing services for clogged lines

Rice has a full-time Safety Director on staff. Our technicians attend a continuous cycle of vigorous hands-on, site-specific training classes and instruction. Outside the classroom, the Safety Director audits project sites to insure all field work is being performed to the highest safety standards.

Safety Training. If you need new hires safety trained or existing employees refreshed and re-certified, at your facility or ours, Rice Safety Services offer a variety of safety training courses (Hazwoper, Confined Space, Fall Protection, etc.).

We do NOT offer online training. Click here to learn more.

Rice Oil and Rice Environmental are two sister companies. From oils & lubricants to waste disposal, recycling and transportation, we’ve got you covered from Cradle-to-Grave. One-Throat-to-Choke!

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